The Best Twitter Counter – who viewed you profile?

Twitter Counter is a third party application for Twitter. Ideal for individuals that need to keep track of their Twitter performance, and manage their account, without too much effort.
1. Track your account’s growth
How popular are you on Twitter? Get a comprehensive view of how fast your Twitter account is growing over time and how your efforts are paying off.

2. Say hi to interesting new fans
What kind of people follow you? Keep track of your account’s growth hour by hour and gain insights into what type of users are interested in your tweets ranked by their Twitter influence. This way, you can be sure to target the right people and at the right time.
3. Losing followers? Time to take some action
Knowing who those leaving you are will help you realize how to turn things around. Get a list of the accounts that stopped following you ranked by their Twitter influence, immediately unfollow those who unfollow you, or conduct a short ‘exit survey’ to keep on top of your Twitter game.

Pave your way to Twitter stardom with insights on your account’s engagement and impact.
Are you tweeting what your followers want to share?
Track your account’s retweets and gain insights into which of your tweets are shared the most and by whom.
Find out who’s talking about you
Measure how often you are mentioned on Twitter and which Twitter users talk about you the most to learn which audiences you should engage with.
Discover which of your tweets are your audience’s likes
Which of your tweets are worth that precious “Like”? Keep track of all the tweets that have become your community’s likes and discover who finds your content valuable.

Know What and When to Tweet
How can you increase your chances of being retweeted or followed? Boost your Twitter influence by knowing when and which of your tweets have had the most impact. Find out the best days and times for you to tweet based on your engagement statistics and get a list of your top five most successful tweets.