Screen unlock PIN code secrets

There are many ways to unlock screen PIN code on mobile phones and tablets.
Here is unlock your android device using Android Device Manager, lock screen pattern with your Google Login for Android 4.4 and below devices, softwares (Find My Mobile tool, Pattern Password Disable), rooting and any more features.
But we can tell you about two easy and secret features, how you can unlock screen PIN code, if you forgot it.

So, if you really forgot your screen unlock PIN code you can:
1. Call your locked phone from another mobile devices and accept the call. Than you can hit the back button during the call and should give you complete access to your phone.
Now, you can go to security settings of your mobile device and try to remove screen unlock PIN code. Remember that you first need to put in the current unlock PIN code.
This method allows you to try many different combinations immediately without blocking the phone. Should you get this far, then you can disable the pin or set a new one.
2. You can reset your phone to factory settings. For this you must find any useful information about your phone model factory reset.

As role, to do this you should remove from their device memory card and sim-cards in order to avoid the loss of user data . And then you need to perform the operation reset your phone to factory settings.
To do this you must find secret combination to go “Recovery Mode” on your phone or tablet. When you enter in recovery mode you can start a reset to factory settings.