How to fix phone memory problem on Android?

There are many ways to to solve the problem of free space on your phone.
In recent years, these issues are increasingly concerned about today’s users of smartphones and tablet computers.

And so , in order that you can install the application on your mobile device you need to:
1. Check your device’s available storage and free up storage space by uninstalling other apps or deleting items like pictures or videos.
For this you must open your device’s main Settings app, select Apps or Application Manager, select an unnecessary application and tTouch Uninstall.
2. Move any Apps To SD Card. As role, all apps on Android automatically place on your phone memory instead of the memory card.
You can quickly and easy move any apps to SD card. Go to Settings – Storage – Apps and choose your apps and tap on the “Move To SD Card”.
3. Clear data and cache for Android apps. Go to Settings menu and there tap on Storage. Here you can see Cached Data and you can clear cache for all your apps. This method work on Android 4.2 and above.

If you use Android 4.4, 5.0 or 6.0 you can clear cache each application separately. Go to Settings – Storage – Apps. Choose App and tap for Clear Cache.
4. Also you can use any apps to clear data and cache for Android apps as App Cache Cleaner or another.
5. Format your SD card and reset settings your phone (hard reset). This method you can use if all else fails. This operation you are at your own risk. Some of your personal data, messages, photos or video may be removed. Be careful and cautious.